How to “Drink in the High Life” – A Response to City Paper

I am not surprised that Andrew Zaleski and his friends were disappointed in their search for Miller’s High Life. To go seeking the high life is to walk in the opposite direction of the high life. You do not seek or find the high life. You simply stop and let it come to you, let it flow through you. And indeed Miller’s Higher Living, the champagne of beers, does flow through you; faster than water, even. Piss breaks must be taken often when one is living the high life. This is part of the experience. Accept it and move on.

The enjoyment of drinking Miller’s High Life can only come about when one is living the high life. To live the high life is to not seek the high life. The high life is a koan, a poem without meaning or interpretation. To put meaning and the form to the high life is to destroy it. There is no cause to the high life, no catalyst that can bring it about. This is the mistake that many make, thinking that Miller’s Higher Love will help one find or live the high life, or somehow bring about happiness. Miller’s Life On High does not cause the high life any more than champagne causes a wedding or an NBA championship. It does not cause or create, it merely is part of. One cannot do anything to achieve it or bring it about; the high life is simply there. It is only in ceasing to try to understand the high life that we can ever truly experience it. You cannot achieve the high life, you can only enter it. When one wishes to become part of the river, one does not create a river or attempt to call one to himself. He simply disrobes and enters the river, for it was there all along. And his small part of the river is all of the river, for when touches one part of existence he touches the whole of creation. When you enter the state of the high life, you realize that it has been there all along, has existed before time, even. For what is time and space to the existence of that which transcends existence? Just as champagne tastes the sweeter in victory or in celebration, so too does Miller’s Highest Life transcend its aluminium trappings when one is living the high life.

And so our erstwhile beer seekers from the City Paper go out in search of bliss. Like the man who travels the world over and who climbs the highest mountains of Tibet in search of spiritual bliss and descends with only disappointment at not finding what he seeks, so also do our heroes come away from their experience with a shattered view of Miller’s Elevated Life. Mr. Zaleski searched all throughout Baltimore for Miller’s Hoy Loyf and so it is not surprising that he was disappointed when he finally did obtain it. He and his friends found beer, but alas there was no high life contained within. When you do not seek the high life, the high life comes to you. When you do not expect beer, the champagne of beers comes to you.

Miller’s Highest Living Life is a Zen koan; it is an unanswered prayer; it is death and nothingness; it is all of creation. It is a way of living and it is a non-philosophy. It is beer, but at the same time it is less than, and more than, beer. It is the champagne of beers.