Fluid Movement – Baltimore’s Best Water Ballet

Fluid Movement (2014-Present)

Co-Writer of the 2015 production, Goldblum: The Water Ballet


“Goldblum: The Water Ballet: What if we told you that there was a production that takes you through the mind of Jeff Goldblum in a spiritual retrospective of his acting career, from ‘Jurassic Park’ to ‘The Fly’ to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’? What if we told you this production was a water ballet? In a potentially internet-breaking show (someone better put it on YouTube) performance art group Fluid Movement is making a dream you didn’t know you had come true. What a time to be alive.”

“Everyone knows and loves Jeff Goldblum, from his star turns in such films as The Big Chill, Earth Girls Are Easy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Fly, and Jurassic Park to his ever present persona in every corner of every television.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be inside his head? Well, this is the summer for you! Fluid Movement, Baltimore’s beloved performance art troupe, puts the “trippy” in trip with its 14th annual synchronized swim spectacle, “Goldblum: The Water Ballet,” which imagines a fictional Jeff Goldblum’s spiritual journey through his own acting career, in public pools with choreographed swimming and pounds of glitter”